Angular is a JavaScript framework used to develop a range of web applications. Our team integrates the best practices to solve development challenges.              

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Fresh Approach to Web Applications

Angular JS brings a fresh approach to web applications and is swiftly changing the face of mobile and web applications. Angular JS frameworks have been used for building some of the most popular Web 2.0 applications such as Netflix and PayPal.

Angular JS was initially released by Google in 2012 and version 2.0 in 2016, and the framework is written in JavaScript. Our development team assess all the requirements, features of the new web application, as well as take into consideration of key deadlines.

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Get Going With Angular

How we build the right framework for your web application project.


Two-way data binding

AngularJS was built with a Model-View-Controller design plan.- as the data in the Model changes, the View does too. Two-way data binding helps reduce development time as it didn’t require writing additional code to provide continual View and Model sync.



Directives enabled the two-way data binding HTML extension. Directives allow our developers to assign special behaviours to the Document Object Model (DOM), allowing us to create dynamic and rich content with HTML.


Dependency injection

Dependencies allow different pieces of code to interact with each other and how the changes in one source of code impact others. Dependency injection with Angular JS help components to become more reusable, and easier to manage and test.

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