Magic Coat

The Magic Coat is a tool that has been developed to help create confident, calm and caring kids who know how to problem solve, feel safe and manage their emotions appropriately so that they have good mental health and well being.

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Project Overview

We absolutely loved working on this project, helping to create an children's app to address mental health issues.     

The Magic Coat was already a highly successful workshop program used by primary schools around Australia and in the US. However, the founder realised that given how engaged kids are with technology, a digital version of the program would be needed to maximise the positive impact.     

Big Leap Digital was engaged to fully scope this project including wireframes, designs and tech stack recommendations.

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Project Elements

This was a fun one.


Client Workshops

Big Leap Digital conducted a number of workshops with the client as well as with kids to brainstorm how to effectively create a digital version of the program.



We then undertook a detailed wireframing project to map out the functionality and fine tune a user flow that would appeal to children between 6 and 13 years of age.



Big Leap Digital worked closely with the design team that developed the current book to rework design, characters and elements for the app.


Technology Stack

Carefully consideration of the most appropriate technology stack was undertaken to minimise ongoing costs but provide the ability to update content regularly.

The Magic Coat Technologies

Native iOS and Android Apps


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