1. General
We get it, there are 1000's of software development companies out there and choosing the right one can be hard.

Big Leap Digital is different from most in a few ways:

1. We Get It. Big Leap Digital isn't just a bunch of developers, but rather a company which was born out of a startup. That's right, the team was originally born through developing our Saas platform RosterElf.

2. We Care. Most of our work comes from referrals which is a direct result of the quality and relationships we build we clients. You will find a lot of 'churn and burn' development companies but this is not us. We want you to be so happy with what we do for you that you scream it from the rooftops and send new clients our way.

3. We Think Differently. We like to not just create projects for clients but be involved in the process, and where needed, challenge thinking. At the end of the day if you select Big Leap Digital, you will get much more than just software developers.
As little or as much as you want.

Our preference is high engagement from clients as this gets the best outcome. We work in a super transparent way with clients including providing access to our project manage tools and attending regular face-to-face meetings to discuss progress.
This is definitely an option and is a good idea if you have a lot of hands on experience in development.

However, if you are new to software development, a good partner like Big Leap Digital will save you time and money as we have a proven team of experts and a lot of experience to help guide you.

Winner question but not a simple one.

This question is like asking how much will it cost to build a house. The answer depends on so many factors from single or double story, how many bedrooms and bathrooms down to detail like type of taps.

Software development is similar as so many factors influence the cost. The best idea is to come and chat with us about your project and we can usually give you a rough cost range to consider.
2. App Development
Good question! It starts with carefully scoping of your idea in workshops, followed by wireframing, design, development, testing, submission and then maintenance.
This is a hard question as it depends on so many factors including technology stack and functionality.

However, in our experience, the majority of apps cost anywhere from $40,000 to $250,000 on to develop.

Talk to us and we can provide a better estimate based on your specific brief.
This is a hard one as totally depends on the complexity of the app. However, on average, the first version of an app generally takes 3-6 months to develop and deploy. Future updates and improvements tend to be much quicker as they are smaller releases.
We will hold your hand through the whole process from first meeting to submission. You won't need to worry about a thing.
Because Big Leap Digital has a large app development team, sometimes we can develop faster if you have an urgent need to deploy.

It really depends on what other app development project we have going on a the same time.

Summary is, if you app is urgent, we will do our best to deploy as quickly as possible.
You sure can!

Big Leap Digital will help you scope your first version, develop it and then launch it on the app store. But apps, like most software, needs constant updates to either make improvements or add new features.

Once we have launched your first version, Big Leap Digital will help you monitor your app performance and assist with any updates required.
We sure do. We have a full team of UI and UX designers to help your app idea be both functional and beautiful.
As much or as little as you want. We understand each client is different and we can include you in the development process as much as you want including providing access to our project management tools to keep abreast of our development progress 24/7.
Big Leap Digital is super focused on project management excellence. We use a range of tools including Atlasssian Jira to plan and manage each element of app development, keeping developers focused and clients updated 24/7.
Big Leap Digital offers a full suite of app development services including scoping, wireframing, design, development, testing, submissions and ongoing maintenance.
It depends....

Both hybrid and native apps have their own advantages.

Hybrid apps are quicker to develop, easy to maintain and are usually cheaper to develop. Native apps offer some app functionality not available with hybrid apps.

The best way to decide is to book a session with Big Leap Digital and we can help you weigh up the pros and cons of each.

If you want a native iOS and Android app, they are developed using different technology and different specialist developers. Normally the same functionality and design can be used across both platforms but, at times, you may need to tweak some small elements to fit each platform.
Big Leap Digital likes to not just build your app but be you ongoing partner to provide support, maintenance and updates as needed. We suggest, post launch, meeting on monthly basis to review performance and future development needs.
Some apps need a database which needs to be hosted. Big Leap Digital offers a hosting service with our super reliable Amazon AWS platform to ensure your hosting is secure and fast.
We believe quality testing is as important as quality development. Big Leap Digital has a decided QA (Quality Assurance) team who specialise in carefully testing each function of your app to ensure all the bugs are ironed out prior to launch.
Yes we can. But...

We offer both agile and fixed priced development. We totally understand a lot of clients prefer a fixed price for development which we can offer if the project is fully scoped (wireframes, designs and technology stack).

If you haven't done scoping and want a fixed priced for development, we also offer fixed priced scoping services which will flesh out all the details of your app so we can provide fixed priced quote.
Big Leap Digital has extensive experience with app payment solutions.

You can either choose from your website or in-app using third party provides su h as Stripe, Paypal or E-Way.

Big Leap Digital can develop a range of apps including iOS, Android, Hybrid or PWA's. Talk to us about selecting the best type of mobile app for your project.
We sure can! We have submitted 100's of apps to both the Apple Store and Google Play so we know all the tricks to get your app approved quickly and live for download. We can also assist with App Store Optimisation (ASO) as well as legal documents such as privacy policies and terms and conditions.
We sure can! Our support doesn't stop once the app goes live. We encourage clients to keep in contact and to regular meet to review app performance and future priorities.
3. Startups
Yes this is a question we get a lot when first meeting a startup founder.

Whilst the honest answer is, we can't always tell straight away, there are some steps you can take to help validate your idea.

1. Is there a need? Just because you would use your product, doesn't mean others necessary will. It is a great idea to talk to potential users about your startup idea and get feedback as to if they would use (and normally pay) for it.

2. Is the market large enough? Developing, marketing and scaling a startup isn't cheap and for it to be viable long term the target market needs to be large enough to generate sufficient revenue.

3. Are your passionate enough about the idea? Startups are hard. Dam hard. It will take twice as long as you think to achieve half the results. Unless you are super passionate to push through the concept with run out of steam.

4. How will you market the startup? Build it and they will come doesn't work in startup land. Make sure you have a solid marketing plan that can be tested and optimised over time.

5. How will you fund it? Startups require money, either your own or investor funding. Make sure you have a plan for at least 18 months runway.

6. Do you have the right partners to help? You are going to need partners and mentors to help you with building your startup. Make sure you find the right people first.

Whilst the answer isn't black and white, these questions will help see if you idea has legs and is worth taking to the next level.
We hear the fearful question from startup founders all the time, "how do I know you won’t steal my idea?”. Fair question when you think you having a winning idea.

Whilst eventually you will have to put you idea out in the market where you will struggle to keep it a secret, there are some things you can do in the early stages to protect core IP:

1. Only talk to people you trust or are referred to you by people you trust.

2. Get anyone you discuss your idea with to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). If you haven't got a template for NDA, drop us an email and we can provide for you.

3. Secure domains and business names asap. Make sure you registered all current and future business names and buy all combinations of domains the startup will need for both launch and into the future.

4. Explore if you can apply for a patent. Patents are an expensive and time consuming process and definitely not best approach for most startup ideas.
Big Leap Digital was born out of a startup, so we get it. Our first 'internal' startup was RosterElf which is now profitable, scaling and used by hundreds of thousands of users globally.

We can help mentor you through the startup journey from idea to commercialisation. The best idea is to come in for a coffee and chat and we can take it from there.