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Project Overview

ZipT is an Australian owned and operated telecommunications business focused on providing international roaming and calling solutions to the consumer, using state of the art technologies developed and wholly owned by ZipTel Limited (ASX:ZIP).

Big Leap Digital was engaged by Ziptel to provide technical support and consulting services to help improve the application and drive adoption by users globally.

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Project Elements

How we helped Ziptel.


Project Management

Big Leap Digital was engaged to provide senior project management services to help provide a clear communication flow between the company board and development team.


UX/UI Review

The Ziptel board engaged Big Leap Digital to undertake a full UI/UX review to understand the user journey from signup to paying and develop recommendations to optimise the experience.


Release Management

Big Leap Digital was responsible for managing Zipt releases and updates which were highly complex in nature and were charged with ensuring user experiences stable at all times.


Commercial Consulting

We were engaged to provide commercial consulting services to fine tune the marketing and sales model to deliver a positive ROI on all acquisition strategies.

Ziptel Technologies

This was a complex project.


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