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RosterElf's Android Rostering App

Big Leap X RosterElf Android App Case Study

Simon Ingleson

October 26,2021

The RosterElf Android App

Recently we worked with RosterElf Australia’s leading rostering software, to help build the RosterElf Android app. In addition to their online software, RosterElf wanted an app to help its customers connect with their employees. The goal was to build an Android App that could help businesses take rostering and management tasks on the go.


The Story of RosterElf

RosterElf is a rostering software for small and large businesses across a variety of industries. They make rostering and admin magically simple with key features such as staff scheduling, payroll processing and automatic award calculations. 


Recently, they raised capital and were looking to expand their offering so customers could take their management tasks on the go. With an online easily accessible from their desktop, customers wanted the ability to make changes and update staff immediately on the go.


After realising the opportunity to create an Android app, RosterElf was looking for a team with a fresh approach to matching their innovative way of solving common management challenges such as rosteringpayroll and time management.


The Challenge of Managing Multiple Business Locations

Before RosterElf introduced their Android App, managers struggled to manage staff across multiple locations when they couldn’t be there. When it came to making last-minute changes to the schedule, management had to send out an email which meant that not everyone received instant notification of the changes.


The miscommunication would sometimes cause scheduling and coverage issues, preventing businesses from providing the best service for their customers. Compared to other rostering software and processes, adding an Android app was a great way to keep staff informed.


Why RosterElf Chose an Android App

RosterElf chose to create an Android app to help keep managers and staff with Android phones connected and up to date. In addition, the app allows for instant communication via SMS and email notifications across multiple locations.


In addition, with the Android app, management receives a notification when employees clock in and out of shifts. This feature enables managers to ensure there’s enough coverage and compare hours worked to hours scheduled when processing payroll.


How RosterElf Uses their Android App

Now, RosterElf customers with an Android have access to a rostering app that helps keep them on top of issues and changes. They can also process payroll, approve leave, track time and attendance and adjust rosters from the palm of their hand.


“Since our customers have had access to the RosterElf Android app, we’ve seen an uptick in activity and better communication overall between managers and employees. It is by far one of our customer’s favourite features,” says Lukas Nicholson, Account Manager at RosterElf.


The Results

Since building and deploying the RosterElf Android app, the team at RosterElf has seen an uptick in the number of app downloads across their customer base. In addition, they have received positive feedback from businesses saying they feel more in control of rosters across multiple locations. Plus, staff are more engaged and feel more in control of their schedule.

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