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RosterElf's Online Rostering App

Big Leap Digital X RosterElf Web App Case Study

Simon Ingleson

October 26,2021

The Web App That Saves Businesses up to 8 Hours of Admin per Week

After helping RosterElf, Australia’s leading rostering software, build their latest web app, they’ve been able to help customers save up to 8 hours per week on admin tasks and around 4% on labour costs. As a customer-centric company, these metrics are exactly what they were trying to achieve when introducing a new web app for their customers across various industries.


The Story of RosterElf

Founder and CEO of RosterElf, Simon Ingleson, started the magically simple online rostering software after experiencing challenges running a hospitality business. Since starting, it has evolved into a complete workforce management platform that enables small and large businesses to streamline their management processes.


Key features include rostering, payroll processing, automatic award calculation, and digital time and attendance. Recently, they partnered with Clubs NSW to create ClubsHR, a white label rostering solution built specifically for the club industry.


Before building their web app, businesses struggled to save time on administrative tasks, budget labour costs and build smarter schedules. So RosterElf decided to move forward with Big Leap digital for a fresh approach to common problems that businesses face every day. 


Save up to 8 hours a week on admin

Businesses typically spend more time on admin tasks than necessary. For example, management would have to reconcile hours worked to hours scheduled by manually uploading data. With the RosterElf web app, managers can track time and attendance digitally, then save to digital timesheets and export to their chosen payroll system. In addition, building schedules was a hassle without accurate staff availability. Instead, customers can build staff schedules based on accurate staff availability and labour budget.


Save up to 4% on labour

When Simon was looking for a solution to meet the challenges he faced as a manager, one feature that he needed was a labour budgeting tool. More often than not, businesses struggle to build schedules based on their labour budget because the data is hard to track. With RosterElf’s web app, customers can set their labour budget and monitor labour costs to build the staff schedule. Then if they go over the budget, they can use slide bar technology to adjust shifts until they meet the budget. This feature is a game-changer, and the RosterElf team is proud to offer this for their customers.


‘Perfect Match’ algorithm

Another key feature of the RosterElf web app is the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm. Before RosterElf introduced this feature, customers struggled to find the right match for their shifts. It was a guessing game that made for some costly errors. With the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm, customers can set specific roles, credentials and locations for staff. Then when scheduling, only the most qualified staff for the shift are made available. This feature also applies to when staff swap shifts. Only staff who meet the same qualifications can pick up the shift when a shift goes up for availability. Overall, the algorithm makes for more intelligent scheduling.


Overall Results

After working with Big Leap Digital, RosterElf and their customers saw tremendous results. “By building a web app that meets the needs of our customers, we continue to stay one step ahead and put our customers first. We’re very excited for what the future holds with the help of innovative technology,” says Simon, Founder and CEO of RosterElf.

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